Three-level traffic interchange opened in Sochi

In Sochi on Wednesday opened a three-tier transportation "Krasnodar ring," the correspondent of the agency "Interfax-South" with the opening ceremony of the object. "Krasnodar ring" — is one of the key elements of the transport infrastructure of the city of Sochi.

At the traffic circle three levels, seven viaducts and one tunnel.


After the opening of three of the eight interchanges bandwidth central thoroughfares of the city of Sochi will be doubled.



Transport infrastructure of Sochi in preparation for the Olympics is central, and two-thirds of public investment — an investment in transport infrastructure.

 Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov said: "This is an unprecedented decision, when fully implemented a three-tier transportation." When you enter all the transport facilities that are being built near the traffic circle "Krasnodar ring", this road will be fully throughput. Traffic jams in this part of town will not. This is an important achievement, "- said the mayor of Sochi.

At the traffic circle, "Krasnodar ring" total length Congresses of 1687 meters, the width of the bands between 5 and 5.6 meters. According to the agency source of the contractor, "the cost of this facility — one billion 320 million rubles.

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