Through leasing — to sports tops


In cooperation with partners, Ufa SC "KAMAZ-LEASING" financed 22 KAMAZ, including 20 heavy trucks KAMAZ-6520 and two medium-truck KAMAZ-43225. This transaction — not the first experience of successful cooperation "KAMAZ-LEASING" and "Business-Vector" in terms of technology transfer in the lease. Earlier the company had a contract to supply 40 trucks based on KAMAZ chassis. "Management Company" Business Vector "has repeatedly noted the high level of the provision of financial services spectrum of" KAMAZ-LEASING "rate contracts and the quality of leased vehicles.

It is worth noting that the cars purchased in leasing, will be used in the construction of the Center in Ufa Paralympic sports training. The capital of Bashkortostan as the construction site of the new complex was not chosen by chance. This right was given to the country for outstanding service and achievement of its Paralympic athletes, many of them titled sportsmen. The group of companies "KAMAZ-LEASING" signed the contract and has leased "Management Company" Business Vector "(Ufa, Bashkortostan) motor-vehicles for a total of more than 60 million rubles.

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