Throughput of OOO Port Vysotsky for 9 months of 2013 increased by 71.7% to 3.6 million tonnes

Throughput of OOO "Port Vysotsky" for 9 months of 2013 reached 3 million 637 thousand 425 tons of Russian steam coal, which exceeds the value of the first three quarters of 2012 by 71.7% and an annual turnover of 2012 (3 million 295 thousand 727 tons ) by 10.3%. As the press service of the company, in September, the company has exceeded 480 thousand 802,9 tons of coal.

Recall, from August 2012, a coal terminal in the port of Vysotsk began working with the courts size Pamamax, deadweight of up to 84 thousand tons. Currently stevedoring company "Port Vysotsky" for the month handles up to 6 ships of this size.

Working with supersize ships will not only increase the volume of transshipment, but also to expand the geography of Russian coal. Earlier coal from Vysotska directed mainly in Finland and Germany, now one of the consignees also includes the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Ltd. "Port Vysotsky" works in Vysotsk (Leningrad region). Specializes in the transshipment of Russian coal exports to Western Europe. Cargo turnover of enterprises in 2012 increased by 2.9% — up to 3 million 295 thousand 727 tons of coal. The depth of the approach channel and port basin is 12.7 m, the width of the approach channel is 200 m Maximum draft of vessels taken (11.9 m) allows the port to take the heavy deadweight 45 tonnes or more. Since August 2012 the current year, the company has started to work with the courts size Panamax.

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