Throughput of the port of Arkhangelsk for 4 months of 2013 increased by

17.7% — to 1.47 million tonnes

Throughput of the port of Arkhangelsk in January-April 2013 increased by 17.7% compared with the same period last year — to 1.47 million tons. According to IAA "IAA" in the Port Authority, including the volume of oil products increased by 1.5 times — up to 891.2 thousand tons of coal by 1.67 times — to 154.9 thousand tons of timber cargo decreased by 17% — to 116.3 thousand tons.
 Sea port of Arkhangelsk — the biggest port in the north of Russia, founded more than 400 years ago, at the mouth of the Northern Dvina River, which flows into the White Sea. In the harbor port icebreakers are open from December to mid-April. Arkhangelsk sea port accepts vessels with a draft of up to 9.2 m, length 175 m, width up to 30 m long jetty port 151 17 thousand 548 meters, including 31 berths of timber industry, 22 berths sea port, 6 berths river port, 3 berth OJSC "NK" Rosneft ", Archangelsknefteproduct" through which oil and oil products for export, 2 berth fishing port and 87 minor berths of other organizations. Cargo turnover at the port of Arkhangelsk in 2012 amounted to 5.58 million tons.

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