Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant (TVSZ) sent to the network the first of a new generation of cars

As part of an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of innovative technology Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant sent to the JSC "Freight One" the first batch of freight cars that have passed a full range of testing and certification.

A batch of 6- hopper cars for transportation of fertilizers 19-9835 model with an axle load of 23.5 ton provided the operator to carry out a pilot-controlled operation. In the near future to the ISC will also be sought on the basis of hatch gondola carts Barber S-2-R.

Cars of new generation production Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant, designed with the participation of Starfire Engineering & Technologies (USA) — a recognized developer of rolling stock in the North American market, characterized by increased capacity and load capacity, high performance, durability and longevity, and ease of use.

In particular, the hopper car production TVSZ meets the highest standards of quality industrial cargo transportation of the mineral. Load capacity hopper car, truck Barber stocked with increased axle load of 25 ton is 76.5 tonnes, with the volume of a body in a 101 cubic meter will allow the owner to transport 5.6 tonnes of cargo to more and get 7% savings rate. The increased volume of bunkers hopper has lowered the center of gravity, which improved the stability of the car from tipping over, and the increased size of loading hatches improve the conditions of the car boot. Hopper car has been tested for maintainability, and can be repaired in any depot.

Director of Trade House Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant Maxim Kuzemchenko notes that "Tikhvin plant into producing innovative products, significant economic efficiency and operational performance. Such rolling stock to reduce the amount of required fleet of cars, the cost of maintaining the rolling stock and the cost of the train fare. "

As the Deputy General Director of JSC "Freight One" Technical Development — Chief Engineer Sergei Kaletin: "Freight is interested in buying the products of the Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant, offering today a new generation of rolling stock. Their characteristics are new cars stand out from the cars, designed in Soviet times, and sooner or later will come to replace them. Since the first use of a new generation of cars, we hope that will form a definite trend for all owners of rolling stock. "

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