Tiny but strong-willed island

When the Union was dissolved, in Vologda was a rumor that the island [Christ Stone, Lake. Kubenskoe] settled people. They did not understand that if the watchman. Just watch out there? Stones, and the sky above your head … Because reporters learned that a man named Pligin it your own — Vologda. Up to 40 years there was a man like everyone else, was a good engineer … He is married and has three children. And suddenly dropped everything and went to the island.

By one person in a complex 90 the restoration of the monastery on the island. In winter, the ice island is squeezed so that burst in fragile glass buildings in the summer — blows the ground, leaving only the stones. Get building materials — polzadachi, we still have to deliver them to the island sinking into the ice and sinking in the snow. However, the strength of spirit and will turn the tide.

Now the restoration of the monastery on the island. Stone has been saved by his wife. With redoubled force, already with a lot of people, employees, local residents abode gradually revived, and, most importantly, here begins the monastic life as permanent residents three monks, one of the United States. Hope Pligina gladly tells the story of the island, about the life of the related people, about how the dreams of boys who saw the island in 14 years, and later, as an adult became its meaning. You can come here with a guided tour.

It so happened that a deeply personal initiative, continued with the connection of many people who have seen this work personal need for themselves and gradually develops into a public affair with the prospect of significant tourist development surrounding area. People come here from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities in each learns about the island on his own.


The island is truly the center of attraction of people who fall in love with the nature of the Russian North, and, most importantly, make sure how the power of the spirit can manage huge deeds of our contemporaries.


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