Tion of the company: high technology air purification from Novosibirsk

"If you engage in serious scientific work, it is likely to have to leave. We did not want to leave, we enjoyed here … ". Dmitry Trubitsin, "tion".

"Tion" — a scientific-production enterprise that provides a full cycle of a modern high-tech products in the field of safety of air pollution: development, mass production, promotion. The company is located in the city of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

Tion technology has been designed to clean the air of chemical warfare agents, radioactive contamination and biological weapons in the interest of the Ministry of Defence. Technology Active HEPA-filter-tion is innovative without competitors able to provide a close level of efficiency, safety and economy. The advantage of the technology is that it allows you to simultaneously decontaminate air and clean it from mechanical and gas pollution. Basic know-how development, "Tion": the latest advances in the field of physics, chemistry and microbiology, developers have learned to get the highest performance indicators on cheap materials and replaceable elements with vanishingly low power consumption.

The emergence of a response to the challenges of the new economic structure in which obornzakaz (which were created by filtration technologies) could not provide sufficient demand for the development and continuation of funds scientific research.
"If you engage in serious scientific work, it is likely to have to leave. We did not want to leave, we enjoyed here. We decided to try his hand at other activities, and actually organize a company from scratch " — Says Dmitry Trubitsin, founder and director of razarabotkam "Tion". "We" — a group he and his fellow students at Faculty of Physics of the University of Novosibirsk gosudarsvennogo. After drawing up a business plan and some trial and error, the company has found its way out at the planned (superior potential competitors) cleaning performance, efficiency and ease of use. Most important asset "Tion" — the technological know-how, the most important of which is transmitted even their general contractor of "Berd electrical plant." (Http://www.sdelanounas.ru/blogs/6678/)

The effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection of air

— Microbiological:
viruses, bacteria, spores of fungi 99.995%
dust, aerosols, allergens, carbon, radioactive aerosols combustion 99.995%
Molecular **
toxic substances, smoke, carcinogens, smells 99%

* An efficient cleaning in a single pass through the filter system
** When the calculated concentrations of pollutants

According to the customer’s specifications can profit modernized equipment to achieve any given performance

The efficiency of air purification confirmed FSIS SRC of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector", the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare ("CPS") and the research of the Institute of Catalysis. GK Boreskov. The technology is patented. Patent number 80657 from 20.02.2009

The principle of operation of Chion
— Integrated Technology tion is based on the use of various methods of cleaning and disinfection of air. The highest performance with minimal power consumption is achieved through the synergistic effect produced by sequential use of several principles of cleaning and disinfection:

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Roughing filter
delays the major pollutants
Electrostatic unit
charges a small particle pollutants
Ozone Generator
produce high concentrations of ozone to inactivate microorganisms
Volumetric aerosol filter
delays charged particles zagryazneniteley
Adsorption-catalytic filter
clears the air of molecular compounds (gases), destroys ozone
Prefilter (1)
Coarse filter class G4. Retains dust, lint, pet hair, delaying bioaerosols and microorganisms. Is not subject to special disposal, remaining sterile during operation.

Electrostatic ozone generator unit (2, 3)

In the second stage zaryaditel air passes through the electrostatic filter. At a high voltage electrode (10 kV), resulting in zaryaditele continuously "off" the corona discharge, non-equilibrium plasma is charged all the dirt particles that are in the air stream. The figure shows a schematic of the processes occurring in zaryaditelnoy section.

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J. Chen et.al, "Model of the Negative DC Corona Plasma: Comparison to the Positive DC Corona Plasma", Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 1 (23), p. 83, 2003

The charged particles are attracted to the grounded plates and zaryaditelya to fibers surround the aerosol filter. Roughly speaking, a similar mechanism causes the electrified hair is attracted to the comb.

Volumetric aerosol filter (4)

Bulk aerosol filter is a porous nonwoven dielectric (non-conductive) material obtained by extrusion of granular polypropylene. This material consists of interlacing yarns with different diameters (~ 10-200 microns). Production of filters — a technologically complex process that requires constant monitoring. Technology of production of patented filters …

Charged particles in the electrostatic unit of pollution (including all micro-organisms) are attracted to the grain filter. The result is a unique filter material which is manufactured by a special process, a complex of "Tion" reaches the highest filtration efficiency: from H14 to U17 depending on the type of installation.

As a result of 99,995% of all particles, including microorganisms, is delayed by this filter. The picture is an image of pure bulk aerosol filter "tion" (above) and the filter aerosol sedimented particles (bottom), obtained by a scanning electron microscope.

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But to hold all of the particles on the filter is not enough. To ensure complete safety to inactivate microorganisms that have been detained by the filter.

Ozone generator (3)

For the complete inactivation of all the microorganisms were detained volume aerosol filter in the plasma chemical processes electrostatic corona discharge unit produced ozone in high concentrations. Ozone is a gas of the first category of toxicity and strong oxidizing agents. Detained on the filter microorganisms fall under the continuous action of ozone, which destroys cell membranes at the physical level, literally burning the bacteria, viruses, spores of fungi. None of the known microorganisms can not survive for a long time in a corrosive environment. This allows us to achieve complete sterility filter the result that they will never become sources of contamination areas, and for their disposal do not require special measures.

But ozone is also toxic to humans, so do not put him out of the installation. This problem is solved in the following stage.

[Size = 16] The adsorption-catalytic filter (5)

Ozone is completely confined and de-activated by a specially designed adsorption-catalytic filter. In addition, a specially selected blend of adsorbents and catalysts can capture the gas-phase chemical compounds and destroy them in the dark catalytic processes taking place at room temperature. As a result, at this stage, the air is purified of harmful substances in the air of modern cities: formaldehyd
e, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, phenol, benzo (a) pyrene and other ammonia.

At the request of the customer, disinfecting cleaners tion unit can be equipped with photocatalysis (in addition to the adsorption-catalytic unit) for removal of harmful substances in concentrations greater than 10 PDKss. The presence or absence of the block does not influence the photocatalysis degree of filtration and inactivation.
The development team is working closely with leading academic Cetra, among which should be allocated Institute of Catalysis named GK Boreskov Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Russian Academy of Sciences, Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector, as well as foreign partners from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and the Friedrich-Alexander University (Germany).

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