Tipper bodies, which does not freeze and does not stick load

 Photo source:stroyteh.ru

In late 2010, Machine Building Plant "TONAR" (village of Gubin, Nut-Zuevsky district of Moscow region) has successfully solved the problem of sticking and freezing of cargo, well known in the transportation of cargo dump trucks.

Now, according to customer semi-truck inner surface of their body is covered with a special material OKULEN. This coating eliminates sticking, prisyhanie, sticking or freezing of bulk cargo. An additional advantage of the new technology is to protect the car body from damage load and corrosion. The service life of such body is significantly increased.

It is also interesting that the smaller in size and more stable in terms of real traffic friction inherent in the coating material, accelerates discharge (drop-off starts earlier), and reduces the cost of fuel to carry it out. The coating material is produced by the German company Ottensteiner Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG and has high impact resistance and abrasion resistance.

 Photo source:tonar.info

Tests tipping semitrailers TONAR coated OKULEN, held this year in the Irkutsk region at twenty below, showed that there were no problems with the discharge did not occur. Unlike other trucks, is immediately sent to "the skip" for excavators, tipper trailers TONAR quickly and effectively do their job.

 Photo source:mascus.com

 Photo source:okulen.de

In 2011, the plant "TONAR" begins production of trucks, becoming another Russian car plant. The work on the car was launched in 2006, now it takes orders. November 29, 2010 the plant "TONAR" celebrates 20th anniversary. Ahead of him a lot of new and interesting projects, the development of which we will follow closely.

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