Tips for travelers abroad

BEWARE, who has the money wound up Methods of foreign Shchipachev the same as ours to delve into the bags, "shake out" wallets, cameras cut shoulder straps, back pocket just say "their". How to protect yourself from these types?.

Some general tips-On vacation not to carry a purse, a small amount to keep in your pocket, large — at the bottom of bags tucked away in an inconspicuous booklet that you can always grab the hotel. The only disadvantage of the method — we should still not forget about the hiding place, and then casually throw glossy paper for recycling with the money. — Hand bags and belt bags are incredibly attractive to pickpockets. From barsetok better to refuse, and the "bananas" to wear on my stomach all the time and remember them. — In the markets and street bazaars, museums (especially free), supermarkets, large stores (especially during sales) during carnivals and processions, even in cathedrals third thought after "What a wonderful world!" and "Live — good!" should arise sobering "Right now someone can spoil my mood!" In recent years, among pickpockets CIS popular touring abroad. In prison, Dubai one day I was talking to a pickpocket from Rostov. "The Collector prisons" — as he himself has defined — has already managed to sit out in Hamburg, but "business" abroad is still considered a success. "The Collector" has long forgotten about the purity of the genre — it added to the "pocket" on the beaches of theft, fraud, robbery. But the object he has never changed — their own, Russian-speaking tourists. We derive a universal rule for any country: — speaking in Russian is dangerous, one who after a chance meeting imposes communication — dangerous triple. A special case of this rule, a local criminal, who "specializes" in the Russian and succeeded in the development of spoken language. These usually are not thieves or robbers and swindlers. Many of them in Arab countries, Italy, Greece, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Harlem-NOT ARBATPered trip to Italy and Spain, tourists are instructed: do not hold the belt bag on his shoulder — will drive past the guys on motorcycles and pull up. Tourist laughs — I in Moscow did not pull out, my hands are strong, I have a left — sixty pounds-force. There is no such in Moscow! In Russia rob grim, blood, but rarely. In Italy and Spain — not painful, embarrassing and often. — To robbers, bikers ripped belt bag, camera should wear "shoulder strap", cameras do not hang on the shoulder and neck. In Tanzania, a group of twelve Czech Tourists robbed and beaten in Arusha, right near the memorial stele "Center of Africa", a symbol of unity of the black continent. Police to catch the robbers did not do anything: they believe robbed tourists Somali refugees, and they are dangerous people and communicate with them do not like cops. The refugees — even dangerous people. In Istanbul — Albanians in France — Algerians in London — Indians. Some of the most dangerous for tourists — Robbers in New York. New Yorkers are well aware that if you went crazy, black man, a drug addict (To put it in litkorrektno — a man with a changed mentality, an African-American man with a strong attachment to the drug-containing substances) and demanded from three to fifty dollars — it is better to give them. New Yorker a year "gives" up to three hundred dollars. In the breast pocket is usually seasoned Twenty or fifty dollars a trifle. Not to consider when stubborn head shot or pulled down with a baseball bat. And if you give a little bit of money, it is likely that you will not go through and will not take away the rest. In New York, the main thing — to prevent the proverbial eye contact and do not come into contact with anyone else in hazardous areas. In Harlem, not to buy anything — not in the store, let alone a street vendor, you can not stop to look at the dancers and teens, you should not look like a tourist. If you have a strong desire, it is best to buy a tour to see the slums and safely out of the bus under the guide. So you can travel to Harlem (for only $ 25 plus the horrors of visiting the famous and still elegant Cotton Club) and Township of South Africa (in the suburbs of Cape Town — $ 40 with a snack and a drink in Shibin). "Bad houses" firms are usually associated with the Mafia, and their customers are not touched. — Evenings are always dangerous non-residential business centers of major cities.After graduating from the institutions and banks shops are closed, the streets are empty, crawl out from somewhere homeless, drug addicts and drunks. They can kill within hours or even pants. A man with an expensive camera is doomed. Very dangerous at night the central districts of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro. Night walks are dangerous even in the busiest parts of the day — the City of London, East Side in New York City, the center of Paris. Once it happened to me in Johannesburg at eight o’clock in the evening back to the hotel. Imagine the street died, only at high speed carried rare cars, but two Negro descended from a construction crane and tired gait are must have for the bus. A healthy, just a giant, and the other leg podvolakivayuschy shorty. It seems negros before tired that he could not go on. They lean against the wall and resting. I walk past … and the heavy hand falls on my shoulder. "Problems" — A distorted voice shortness of breath. I turn around, "No problem." "You have not, and we have … Look at him." The giant face of his friend turns to the lantern light. "He has AIDS. And there is no money." The eyes of the giant running around a little while longer, and it will begin to rob. "How much do you get paid for work on a construction site?" — "What type of construction?" — "Well, I’ve seen you work on tap." Shorty is a quick-witted, he take off from the wall and quickly goes away. Giant mumbles something evil — also understands robbery did not take place: white spotted where they work. Should be killed, and so tired after work, do not feel like messing around. We disagree. I hurry to the hotel. This is an illustration of two simple tenets: first, it is better not to wander in bad places in the bad times, and secondly, recipes sure to protect yourself from robbery there. In addition, the modern world is changing rapidly. Now the alien may well rob and kill in the Tenderloin district of Shinjuku in Tokyo, which had not happened before.

DATA — VALUE NUMBER ONE okay still a pack of money, and that — the passport. What to do if a tourist lost his passport is not in Rome or Madrid, and Florence, Cordoba? It is necessary to call the embassy and go. (In some countries, the certificate of loss of passport style in Russian consulate, the rules change all the time, so call and appointment required). Achieve issuance of duplicate much easier and faster if you have a photocopy of the passport. — Before the trip, it is worth to stock up on a simple photocopy of the passport and put it on the bottom of the suitcase. Turkey is famous for the fact that a visa at the airport put out there — paid $ 10, stuck a stamp in the passport, and come out to relax. Despite the simplicity of the design, the visa policy of the country is very tough. Those who live in Turkey for over a month, be sure to go to renew a visa in the near abroad, such as the Greek islands. Otherwise, stop the police (and the police of any country feel anyone stop them) — and please come to the prison. And there try to lose your passport! Turks suffer from the influx of illegal immigrants. Prostitutes there now — tens of thousands, most of the "lost passport" (the owners do not give slave owners). In Turkey, the theft of passports — a pro
fitable business. Sam saw the crying girl trainee major Russian firms — her passport was stolen right out of the room. She had to travel from Antalya to Ankara. — The hotels on the safe side keep the money, documents, airline tickets in a safe in your room or in the office accommodation. In Spain, Italy, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Black Africa, Southeast Asia, China and all the cheap hotels and hostels, regardless of country, respect of such recommendations is mandatory. It should be borne in mind that for the value of the stolen out of the room, neither the administration nor the travel agency actuallydo not answer. In some countries, rampant refugees and displaced persons. In Tanzania, for example, the Somalis. In Turkey — Albanian, Bulgarian Turks. In Greece — "Russian" Greeks.

HAZARDOUS EKZOTIKAKrome theft and robbery, there are exotic ways of obtaining money. In Spain, the gypsies offer to buy flowers for a small coin. Price is negligible, which is usually the victim agrees. Gipsy proffered coin does not take kochevryazhitsya, muttering with a kind smile, the victim opens the wallet, it digs a gypsy … The result is banal — then short of half the bills. — With molested on the streets of Roma’s best not to talk. In Egypt, Greece, Turkey, at least in the relatively innocuous common extortion of money for the "service." For example, the lost (in fact — is stolen, because the "bad lay") room key, numbered in the locker room, rented an inflatable mattress. For the production of the new key can lure $ 200 — I know of a case. — Whatever happens, give money "for the service" is not necessary. It is best to call the senior manager director of the hotel, the restaurant owner or the police immediately. For example, Egypt’s tourist police always protect tourists. Very frustrating to get caught in the "service" in China. There’s rigged for the accidental or damage to property may first beat, and then with the help of the police heat on the $ 100 — 200. Publicized recent case in the north of China, when they were beaten by a mob and the police robbed two women "shuttle" — one of them inadvertently damaged the door of a taxi. Quite nebezobiden "Latin American" way of obtaining money: tourists quietly smeared with mud, usually the back or trousers. Immediately among the bystanders is well-wisher, who smilingly offers to clean clothes. Tourist give birth to a corner and robbed while cleaning, or simply robbed.

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