Titan-2 improved the operating parameters of the rare-earth metals of the fourth power



The specialists of the holding "Titan-2" the modernization of unloading-loading machine unit number 4 of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

In the course of all the upgraded system actuators refueling, as well as the management and guidance. This experience can be used in the reconstruction of two more nuclear power plants in Russia.

Administered JSC "TitanEnergoNaladka" (A subsidiary of the holding company) has completed a full cycle of works on modernization of the main equipment unloading and loading machine (REM) Unit number 4 of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

In the course of modernized: REM tap, space suit, replaced the main actuators of the machine process part, replaced by a system of control and guidance. The most important part of the work was related to the replacement of the machine control. Performed on the initial draft on relay technology, and has worked for nearly thirty years, this system has been replaced by a modern microprocessor-based and automated controls. Replacement has significantly expand the range of possibilities in controlling the operation of the machine in case of overload REM fuel.

The machine ensures the efficient operation of the reactor for the first time assembled in a similar configuration. Unlike the first LNPP where management system designed and manufactured in SKB "Orion" at Unit 4 this part of REM develops and manufactures JSC "Diakont." Carried out by the same organization and a large amount of work on supervising installation and commissioning of the equipment.

During the lead up tests of handling mechanism showed a significant improvement in operating parameters. Therefore, in 2013 the organization of the holding plan to apply the lessons learned in the modernization of the refueling unit number 3 of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

The experience gained in the modernization of unit № 4 SELA, can be extended to other nuclear power plants in Russia. It is for this technology to be modernized REM units Kursk and Smolensk NPP.

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