Titan entered into a contract with a German company for 35 million euros

 On the last Wednesday in Germany at the Kazakh-German business forum signed a contract for the supply of equipment for the production of silicon metal.


Last week at the factory "Silicium Kazakhstan" in Karaganda was started warming up the second furnace. Its capacity will be 12.5 tons per year. Thus, the total strength of the plant will be 25 thousand tons of silicon metal per year.

Start oven, set for the end of the month will be the starting point for the further development of the silicon cluster project "PARK", as well as relations with the German company ThyssenKrupp.

Following the talks, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed a number of agreements.

On the side of "Titan" Alexander Sutyaginsky signed a contract with the Managing Director of the German company Otto Wolff Gmbh, which is part of ThyssenKrupp, Winfried Baldus. He was signed within the framework of the state program of forced industrial-innovative development. Amount of the contract, "Building the 2nd stage of the plant for the production of silicon metal," has made more than 35 million euros.

It is assumed that the total power silicon production of "Titan" in Kazakhstan will reach 50 million tons per year. The new production will receive a metallurgical silicon, microsilica — silicon dust — and a silicon slag.

Today metallurgical silicon "Silicium Kazakhstan" is exported to Europe, where it is used for the production of stainless steel, as well as polycrystalline silicon.

Create a silicon cluster in Russia involves the construction of two businesses — factories for the production of metallurgical and polycrystalline silicon. At the moment the company "Titan" NPO "Silarus" ends the engineering of the first phase of the polysilicon production.

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