Titanell. Surgical suture material of titanium.

          Completed clinical trials and received registration for non-absorbable suture is twisted polyfilament"TITANELL" on the basis of pure titanium. This is another innovative product developed by NPF "TEMP" from the city of Yekaterinburg.

The original surgical suture material "TITANELL" meets all the requirements and is widely used in traumatology and orthopedics."TITANELL" is a versatile material that extends the options for the surgeon during crosslinking of both soft tissue and bone fragments. It seems promising to use the material for suturing tendons attach to the places on the bones, the blood supply is depleted areas, where the inertia of the suture material is essential. The material is also promising to stitch particularly critical areas such as the area of the joint implants and other metal structures, where the inflammatory response may lead to a revision and removal of the implant …









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