TMK completed the modernization of steel-smelting and rolling complex Volga Pipe Plant value of over 10 billion rubles

"TMK" ("TMK", Moscow) has completed the modernization of steel-smelting and rolling complex for the production of seamless pipes for the oil and gas industry to "Volga Pipe Plant" ("VPP", Volgograd Region), the costs of which in 2005 amounted to more than 10 billion rubles. The press-service of "TMK".

According to the report, as a result of the activities undertaken power electric steelmaking shop (EAF) for billets increased by 400 tonnes — up to 900 thousand tons per year, which allows you to fully support the needs of seamless production of "VPP" as well as to supply the blank and to other plants "TMK".

In addition, during the gradual modernization of tube-rolling mill in the shop number 3 (TPC-3) is almost double its capacity for seamless pipes up to 630 thousand tons per year.

In parallel with the modernization of the mill introduced new power for the finishing of casing, which currently reached capacity 360 thousand tons per year. Also launched a new section of pipe heat treatment, which increased the capacity to produce heat-treated tubes to "VPP" up to 640 thousand tons per year, in addition to the TPC-3 had mastered the production casing with threaded connections "Premium".

"Volga Pipe Plant" was established in 1970, is part of the "TMK". "VPP" produces more than 800 standard sizes of pipe and tube. Seamless tube "VPP" applies its own continuous-cast billets. The design capacity of electro-stalelavilnogo shop "VPP" when using two furnaces is 1,100 tons of steel per year. The shop runs a stove.

"PMC" is one of the global market leaders in Russia and the largest producer and exporter of pipe products. The company integrates manufacturing plants located in Russia, USA, Romania and Kazakhstan. Production facilities "TMK" can annually produce 6.5 million tons of pipes, including 2.9 million tons of seamless pipes, including approximately 1.5 million tons of seamless OCTG pipes.

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