TNK-BP completed the next stage of modernization of the Saratov Refinery

TNK-BP has completed the next phase of the planned renovation and reconstruction of equipment installations at the Saratov Oil Refinery (SNPZ) (part of the TNK-BP).

As part of the modernization program of technical re-equipment of the Company held reforming units "L-35-11/300" and "LCH-35-11/600" and completed the major work on the reconstruction of a diesel hydrotreater.

TNK-BP is implementing a long-term investment program aimed at improving the quality of oil products. SNPZ the end of this year, plans to complete the reconstruction of the hydrotreating unit and the construction of an isomerization unit and move to production of fuel, "Euro 5".

  • TNK-BP is the third largest oil company in Russia and on a parity basis by BP and AAR consortium (Alfa Group / AksessIndastriz / Renova). TNK-BP also owns close to 50% of the Russian oil company Slavneft. The share of TNK-BP accounts for approximately 16% of Russia’s production (including TNK-BP in Slavneft). Total proved reserves of the company as described in the Securities and Exchange (SEC) without taking into account the term of the license amounted to 8,794 mlrdbarr. n. e. As of December 31, 2010.

OJSC "Saratov Oil Refinery" was founded April 27, 1934, since 2003 is part of the oil company TNK-BP. The company produces more than 20 kinds of products: unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil all major brands, bitumen, vacuum gas oil, technical sulfur, naphtha.

Modernization "Saratov Oil Refinery" is part of a large-scale program of TNK-BP to improve the quality of fuel at all refineries. In September 2011 SNPZ switched to the production of gasoline A-92 "Euro-4".

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