To double the production capacity of military enterprises in the Sverdlovsk region in two years


The volume of production of the military-industrial complex in the Sverdlovsk region in two years has almost doubled. This was reported today at a meeting with journalists Governor Alexander Misharin. According to him, if in 2009 the figure stood at about 100 billion rubles, in 2011 it is expected to grow to almost 200 billion rubles.

"This growth is due, firstly, the fact that the state, in spite of the crisis is past, has provided and provides a defense order, — Mišarin said. — And second, this time in the defense industry have been introduced modern technology. "

According to him, the Russian Defense Ministry maintains all of its obligations to finance the defense order for Ural enterprises. "Today, all the contracts signed, conducted advances", — He said.

"Half of the field produced by enterprises of defense industry products — civil, — The governor said. — Thus, we can talk about the diversification of the economy. "

Andrew Meshavkin, ITAR-TASS, Moscow

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