To get to Paris and not die

Pozhyla little sister in Tsyvilizovannoy country and shares his impressions, nazhytymi on the very west, where alone can normally zhyt cultural normal white people.

And here I am, after 9 years in France confirm that everything is as it is. Moving back, by the way.

Small Circuits. Of salary did go off almost half to taxes, the rest of house. The food had not even 500 euros and sometimes 100. How then three months with ex-husband lived for 50 euros. Together. With the cost of gasoline. I became ill eating the cheapest of the cheapest supermarket. Bread stretched for a week, it became the main meal. I was terrified. If you work and get even decent — still live from paycheck to paycheck. I'm Russian I put aside money each month in a jar. In France — even forgot to think about it. On the contrary, the husband was in debt. Debt reached 90% of his salary to pay the rent and stuff, so he was making new debts with high interest rates such as 18% and it all grew like a snowball. In the end, incredible effort and with a mass of huge scandals, I was able to pay part of his debts, to force him to pay in advance and bring some of them at least to what is a reasonable framework.

Still wondering about the so-called. excellent nursing home, where TV and other nonsense. In short it is from 1800 about six years ago to 2,500 now, and maybe higher. It pays pensioner himself (the average pension can be 1000 euros or even lower). The difference must pay children or other relatives. And only if there is exactly one and the pension does not cover the cost of a nursing home, and the old man can not live alone one — that he was directed by the state in the cheapest and it may be far from home. Rooms are often not on one but on two old men. In short no choice. Parents do not take the familiar year, there was no place. And when it took on different floors. They are poor together crept up the stairs — and before that life did not leave. Both died within a year. The horror. They are NOT FIND common room! Caring for them can be very different. A friend working in this — he says it as if you nurse pricked old woman. several times from getting into the vein, the needle broke. My girlfriend says — well, let me do that torment — so she drove over — so who are you even saying. Because she was not able to confirm his diploma nurses (and she was the head nurse) and worked as a nurse.

Therefore, comparing REVENUES EXPENSES always ask first. They may be equal or even exceed the revenues it. And how do you rent is 350 euros per month? And this is without electricity, telephone and internet. And with him almost 450. Take out so positive. A tax on the five free TV channels allegedly. 120 euros seems a year. I learned how to — well, I think, just with oak collapsed. And it can not pay. They say — every apartment has a dish — pay it.

In Paris govnyashki on the sidewalks everywhere, not only in Paris. Accustomed to watch it. Very rarely picks, although packages are everywhere. For 9 years, seen picking up a couple of times. But NEpodbiranie much more. Very litter. if not weekly cleaners — all covered with a layer of cigarette butts and garbage.

Well, that's making a zombie — it's something. They turned off the device in the brain such as the analyzer. They generally do not filter information, never say — and why, and why that's so. Simple — they said — they have absorbed. That's all. This is called biorobots.

Women are terrible. Often such a good figure, turn the face — well, I call it Antisex. WICKED face of the old grymza. Yes skull flattened laterally, exactly. And more often narrow chin and protrudes. The teeth do not come in one after the other. I have it figured out, and now understand why. They hardly anyone breastfed. Malocclusion. Children with nipples in five years there. From birth, many do not feed — only the bottle and nipple. From this nedorazvivaetsya the entire lower part of the face, chin and jaw. Half face in general. Since breast suck vigorously, and no pacifier — just pours all. By the way the course — if the child is fed and at 2 and 3 years of breastfeeding — there are no teething problems, the pain associated with it. Simply teeth grow later and slower — and the inherent nature. And encourage them — giving formula milk to cow's milk, they stick up early and fast — break the gums, infernal pain. After it goes through a lot of kids, everything they say — this is normal — teeth are growing. We did not have to speak. All teeth have grown, developed chin — Slavic child.

Well, what else — about the subway you make a mistake about the mice — I immediately saw the rats. Huge and brazen. Straight day on ways to run hither. In Moscow, even I can not imagine it. In the metro within specific smell, unpleasant. Like dirty socks. A lot of homeless people, especially in the subway crossings — this is just a scourge. Sometimes we had to change the car, waiting for another train — if only to stay away from these beasts. And somehow miss them all. Or they crawls.

Often live very crammed. In Moscow, it is 60 m two-bedroom — three there. Kitchen 6 meters we were horrified, there lived in a studio kitchen two meters. Was in an apartment in the center of Paris — there is no bath or shower. At all. A kitchen meter probably pigeonhole. Wash in and wash mitt. Or just a mitten. Or do not wash. Well even stuck a toilet. This former maid's room, they toilets tubs were not put one on the floor.

And how do you size newborn bedroom two meters square, stick a bed next to a hanger, and all of this type generally Store? And a tiny window, as for the technical room? And the kid was — dumb. Very fast. What do you want — anoxia. It was not to save — I did no one was listening. You're there as a shadow, nobody cares, nobody wants. Politely — and all. A shove their opinion dear to the thread away … And so doooolgo — not yet reached — I am a victim of Western propaganda! I lit a loshara. That's all.

I have rose-colored glasses fell not long ago, four years as. First, just surprised. Now I understand where the plunge. Now crawl away. Credit — dead! You can congratulate me! Itself in Moscow. Live :)

That's something …

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