To improve the demographics, it is necessary to raise the cult of fertility!

In the regional Ministry of Health, chaired by the vice-governor of the Penza region Vyacheslav Satin held a meeting on improving the demographic situation. Recall the recent vice-governor said that to improve the birth rate in the region must enter the plan for delivery. "We need a new ideology, a new methodological approach. Until the plan to conceive ", — said Vyacheslav. The quote was immediately disseminated by local and national media, and the officer was one of the most mentioned in the Russian segment of the Internet. Subject revolutionary plan was discussed in blogs whole last week.

On Friday, the vice-governor of the newly convened a meeting on the demographic problem, and commented to journalists at the same time, what exactly it is investing in the concept of "birth plan" and "plan to conceive."

— Planning — is the formation of the patient flow is normal, — said Vyacheslav. — Nothing new in that. There is a planned operation. The surgeon knows when and where it will operate. Similarly, the head physician of the hospital should not be lost when he is asked, for example, how much it will take delivery in January. And about conception — there are many couples who want to have children but can not conceive due to medical reasons. Then come to the aid of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The procedure is quite expensive — between 130 thousand. Our task — to plan so as to help all who wish to give birth with the help of IVF.

According to Vyacheslav Satin, every year in the Penza region, there are more than 250 couples wishing to undergo IVF. This figure is stable over the past few years, and, therefore, the budget can be planned budget line to support these families.

— Despite the paucity of the budget, we will help those who want to have children and to pay for the procedure of artificial insemination — the vice-governor.
However, the demographic problem in Russia — not only medical but also social. According to Vyacheslav Satin, we will not solve it until educating the citizens of the cult of fertility. In this case, all measures should be integrated. Take, for a system of accounting for future births.

— It is necessary to create a single database of all women observed by combining the attention of government and private clinics — said Vyacheslav. — We have many pregnancies are in commercial health centers, and give birth to come to the state hospital. Hence, there are "unexpected" pathology.

Vice-Governor and touched protivoabortnoy campaign. As you know, a woman who wants to artificially terminate the pregnancy, providing the so-called week of silence, during which she can change the decision and keep the baby. At the same time appealed to the consultation held social health office. But it is only in the public health facilities. In private the same — pay money and come to the surgery tomorrow. This situation has to change.

— With all the private hospitals to enter into an agreement under which they will also give women a week to think — suggested the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Penza region Vladimir Stryuchkov. — You can also come up with this initiative at the federal level.

— First, let our private traders will such obligations, it is impossible to pull, and then share your positive experience with other regions and with all Russian, — said Vyacheslav Satin on cue.

It is possible that an agreement on the "Week of Silence" will be signed with the private clinics in the coming days.

Author: Vlad Belyakov, author photo

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