To places of military glory

Journey in places of military glory. Dubosekovo patrol, Volgograd (Stalingrad), Prokhorovka, the Brest Fortress, Kulikovo field of Borodino. If you are at once in his life had been in one of these places, the memories will stay with you forever. But sin to keep such patriotic memories with for yourself. You can share them on the web It was created specifically in order to at least some user, accumulated a sufficient amount of disk imaging, could share it with those who need detailed information about visiting different places one can touch history.

Now with the web site YouRoute possible to see beautiful photos of the places where nick website has already visited and decided to share their feelings with us.

One can at first as his journey grab a decent camera, take high-quality pictures to teach new tourist routes, and then publish it all home to the very website, which it is. Meanwhile you yourself play the role of reporter, able to provide users the Global Network of suitable materials. As statistics show, the choice of the tourist route or the route memory of the war years in most cases chosen according to what people have already read on the Web. Specifically, comments and reviews of this kind of trail left by other users, may become the impetus for the beginning of a new journey that was missing.

On the website there is a unique opportunity not only to lay out information on a particular route or to places of historical battles, and pick up route with special service. To do this, you have to register and indicate their wishes on that, what attractions we would like to behold during such travel. If user indicate also their preferences in terms of additional components of the journey, the information will be matched only in the form applicable to him.

Incidentally, if such a direction as a civil-patriotic tourism will be supported by users to the resource, it will be possible to make a new section specifically devoted to the topic with the publication of high-quality photos and text materials that describe the space battles of the Russian army. That thought may be an incentive for those who prefer leisure cooperate with an acquaintance with the history of Russia. And such people in Russia, I must say a lot.

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