To put OAO Moscow United Electric Grid Company 37 mobile DPP-ENERGY STAR

JSC "ENERGY STAR-" put 37 mobile diesel power plant (DES) based on Cummins engines containerized self-produced a total capacity of about 11 MW, in the framework of the program to ensure the reliability of power supply on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region.

The scope of delivery for the branch of "Moscow United Electric Grid" — Moscow Cable Network (ICN) are: 10 DEC S110D5 in container mounted on special trailers, 17 DES "The Star-PDGU-A-S300D5.H.1" and 10 DPP "The Star PDGU-A-S700D5.H.1 "based on a / m KAMAZ. As an option, with each container shipped kit cables, allowing to quickly connect to the power supply in the event of an emergency, as well as telescopic floodlights for the implementation of the connection in the dark. Also for the mining efficiency of emergency situations all a / m equipped with Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS).

Feature of the project is mobility DES production of "ENERGY-STAR", which allows you to quickly continue to the accident. All containers are equipped with an automatic alarm system and fire, as well as the delivery system for its own energy needs of the plant. In turn, a wide range of power DES allows us to solve a variety of problems related to the violation of the power supply, as in emergency restoration and repair work, as well as in other emerging contingencies.

JSC "ENERGY-STAR" complied a list of all work under the contract on the terms of payment upon complete delivery of the equipment. Petersburg power engineering company "ENERGY-STAR" was created in 2001. For 12 years, the company produced about 1,400 power module total power capacity of about 1200 MW and a thermal capacity of over 200 MW.

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