To the east of the Kaliningrad region came natural gas

In Gusev, Kaliningrad region commissioned a gas pipeline 32 km and automatic gas distribution station (AGDS).

"Previously, natural gas could use only by residents of coastal towns and Kaliningrad. But today, natural gas and came to the East Region. Gusev — this is the point from which the gas pipelines will be dispersed to other eastern cities. Next will Ozersk, Chernyahovsk, then Nesterov. This is true, the gas must be in every home, "- said the regional governor Nikolai Cukanov.

According to regional economists, the need for trunk gas companies located in Gusev, is about 60 million cubic meters. m per year. In parallel with the connection of apartments consumers of natural gas will be transferred and the largest industrial facilities district, the press service of the government of the Kaliningrad region.

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