Tobolsk — I love our plans hulk

Interesting article about another major project in Tobolsk, in addition to Tobolsk Tobolsk-Polymer and Petrochemicals

Just recently there was an article about APG The South Balyksky gas processing plant, behold, Sibur is planning to deepen the processing of:

At the end of December in Tobolsk held a public discussion assessing the impact on the environment ("EIA") of a new possible project SIBUR — West Siberian complex deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in polyolefins capacity of 2.0 million tons per year to projects offsite facilities (Offsites) reported the press service of the EIA presented SIBURa.Rezultaty Beloshapko Alexander, project manager, technical director of ERM Eurasia, which is one of the world leaders in the market of consulting services for the protection of the environment, health and safety and working today in 39 countries around the world. Beloshapko told that such complexes for the production of polymers are located in densely populated areas and are operated without a significant impact on the environment and the impact on the population. Using technologies of the world’s leading companies Linde Engineering, INEOS, LyondellBasell will ensure the reliability and safety of the designed kompleksa.Planiruetsya that the complex will have three main industries: the production of ethylene and propylene with a further process for producing polymer products: LLDPE 800 thousand tons per year , high density polyethylene, 700,000 tons, 500,000 tons of polypropylene per year. The new facility may be located in the industrial area near Tobolsk CHP, which in Soviet times was planned to place petrochemical production. Siting of construction carried out based on the location of existing production and to prevent exposure to the environment and people. Proposed construction will be far from residential neighborhoods. The positive aspects include and favorable wind rose — the main part of the year the wind blows from the city. Nearby is just a series of villages, which are located at a considerable distance from the current production and the sanitary protection zone. Site selection took into account all environmental aspects, the location of the territory is considered as a raw material optimalnym.V plan to use the products of associated petroleum gas (APG), which is still a substantial amount of flared oil fields. This is a broad fraction of light hydrocarbons. Therefore, the fact that PNG will be processed, will benefit not only businesses, but also the ecology of the Tyumen region in tselom.Proektiruemy complex will require significant amounts of water. It will be taken to the Irtysh. Discharges into the Irtysh River and other water bodies in the planned complex will not be — as well as at "Tobolsk-Petrochemicals" and "Tobolsk-Polymer". Providing water companies will be in a closed cycle. [/ Cut]

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