Tobolsk TEC has reached a new level of energy efficiency

At Tobolsk CHP has successfully completed a number of major investment projects aimed at increasing the capacity and improving the efficiency of power equipment.


At 20% increased efficiency of heat used in the production cycle.
655 megawatts of power Tobolsk CHP after reconstruction.

Thermal power station, built in 1980, is known to be a key supplier of heat and electricity for the city of Tobolsk and process steam for the Tobolsk petrochemical complex. Today Tobolsk CHP is a part of the international company "Fortum", which plays a major role in the Russian energy market — in Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. As part of "Fortum" 8 operating power plants and one under construction, producing a total of about 16 billion kWh of electricity and 22 million Gcal of heat, and heat networks in Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Tobolsk and Surgut.

As part of the investment program for the Tobolsk cogeneration recently put into operation an additional set of generating equipment with capacity 213 MW. The highlight of the project is in the practical implementation of the original technological solutions for the commissioning of the equipment, which was built in 1986 for the needs of the Tobolsk petrochemical complex, but never launched into commercial operation. To turbine R-100, derived from the conservation, joined the newly built turbine K-110, capable of re-use steam power. This combination allows you to fully realize the available power capacity and ensure that they work in the most economical mode.

According to acting Vice President, Executive Director of JSC "Fortum" the West-Siberian region Dmitry Petrikevich, the new complex of Tobolsk CHP allowed to remove seasonal restrictions of electricity supply and meet the requirements of connecting new large industrial consumers of electricity and heat.

If before power station was 452 megawatts, now it increased to 665 megawatts. Recent certification tests, which were just recently confirmed: heating plant is fully operational at full load.

In addition, the plant completed a key stage in the work on the reconstruction of the main switchboard (GRU-10kV), which will further give to the surface up to 50 megawatts of electricity. "Currently, the site of petrochemical plant, a project to build a new production of deep processing of hydrocarbons, — said Dmitry Petrikevich. — We are committed to provide the plant with additional power. All installation and commissioning of the plant have been completed. Wait for the plant will come into operation. Tobolsk cogeneration plant will be the only supplied electricity to the crate, LLC "Tobolsk-Polymer". All that is needed for grid connection of the consumer, we have already done. "

Performance Tobolsk CHP has increased significantly and at the expense of newly built cooling towers that serve to cool the exhaust steam and return it to the production cycle. With the introduction of additional cooling towers of the total irrigated area increased by 4,600 square meters, and the efficiency of the heat used in the production cycle has increased by 20%.

One of the priorities of the investment policy of the company is the rational consumption of water resources. As part of this important environmental problems at Tobolsk CHP launched a major renovation project for the water treatment plant. It was put into operation in 1981 and during that time outdated morally and physically: a low level of automation CPG and poor environmental parameters do not correspond to modern requirements.

Currently, the most efficient and environmentally safe in the water treatment process are membrane technologies (reverse osmosis), almost completely eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. After upgrading the CPG used water, returning to natural sources, will fully comply with the original ecological parameters. A cost reduction of heat by evaporation of salt will give significant energy savings. Another important factor is the fact that after the reconstruction of the CPG water treatment system will be closed and process water losses will be minimized.

— Year to us turned out to be a very busy — summed Dmitry Petrikevich. — We both have completed several large investment projects and reconstruction of the station brought to a logical conclusion. The company in its work and will continue to be guided by environmental responsibility, to work to improve energy efficiency, lower costs of fuel consumed. And, of course, the most important area of our work will be to ensure security of supply of heat and electricity, social protection of the consumer. Especially in the winter.

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