Togliatti Transformer introduces a new type of electrical equipment

Ltd. "Togliatti Transformer" started production of a new type of electrical equipment.

Development of a new reactor managed by specialists VEI them. Lenin, OAO "UES FGC SEC" Ltd. and "RUSELPROM-Transformer". The company started the production of shunt reactors and compensating control transformer type. The two reactors of 110 kV voltage class has collected and is currently being assembled reactor 500 kV.

In addition, the Togliatti plant together with "Electric RC" conducts research work on the development of a prototype controlled shunt reactor, transformer type (USHRT) Thyristor controlled at 500 kV.

Managed reactors for 500 kV networks have a number of advantages:

  • the reaction rate is controlled shunt reactor in control voltage is speed of 30 ms,
  • to provide transient power variation from 0 to nominal and back no more than 10 ms,
  • do not require special food from the tires 10kV substation, in contrast to the controlled shunt reactors with a constant bias current.

Despite the uniqueness of the equipment, its structure and the system do not differ from the transformer. Therefore there is no need for large-scale production of technical training.

Demand for reactors among consumers of electrical equipment has been growing not so long ago. Togliatti plant has already received the first proposals for tenders for the supply of new equipment.

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