Togliatti Transformer released the first type of transformer substation Stolbovoye


Ltd. "Togliatti Transformer" made the first transformer substation Stolbovoye type of own production, which has been installed in the village of Russian Borkovka (Samara region), by order of "IDGC of Volga."  

Ideas for the development and production of this type of transformer substations by LLC "Togliatti Transformer" due to demand and the prospect of this product on the market of electrical products.  

Complete transformer substation Stolbovoye type (TACC) is designed to receive power three-phase AC voltage of 6, 10 kV power frequency, converting it to a voltage of 400 V and distribution to consumers. The main feature of this type of substation is that all the equipment is mounted on a standard high-voltage line support that allows you to get an inexpensive and functional solution for power users of urban and rural communities, as well as industrial customers.



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