Togliattikauchuk perfected the technology of copolymer rubbers

Ltd. "Togliattikauchuk" (holding "Sibur"), improved production technology copolymer rubbers. Rubber used in tire and rubber industry, has produced a more environmentally friendly manner thus reducing the salt content of the effluent on a 30%, and other harmful substances — 2 times.

The major change was the replacement of a technology third salt participating in the production process on a synthetic reagent. Earlier in the process of separation of rubber latex used salt solutions and sulfuric acid, which then together with other chemicals in the waste water treatment plant for further business. Synthetic reagent binds closely with other components and is almost entirely in the rubber.

Malosolevoy technology developed by employees of the enterprise. She first applied for lentootlivochnyh machines that are not designed to completely replace the salt. For the introduction of a new method for allocating the line of rubber was installed new plumbing, installed valve technology with measuring devices that control the flow of aqueous reagent solution.

The new method allowed the production lines to increase productivity by 20% and increase the reliability of the equipment. Also, low-salt technology has improved the quality characteristics of the product. In particular, the improved washing and drying quality rubber, rubber resistance to heat and oxygen. Rubber, made low-salt method has been tested in two independent test centers. When the scan it meets the technical requirements and exceeds the standard product for strength and date of manufacture of rubber compounds.

Complete replacement of the salt reagent performed on two different lines of production copolymer rubbers another brand. It is produced by salt-free since 2010, so that the salt and other substances in the waste water has been reduced by 70%.

Ltd. "Togliattikauchuk" produces three types of rubber: butyl rubber, isoprene rubber and copolymer. Copolymer rubbers are used in tire, rubber and other industries. The main consumers of rubber — domestic tire companies, including "Omskshina", "Voltair-Prom", "Uralshina", "Yaroslavl Tyre Plant", "Sibur-Volga".

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