Togliattikauchuk started the installation of a new line for the production of butyl rubber

On the "Togliattikauchuk" began installation of a new automated line for the production of butyl rubber capacity 4 tons per hour. Installation of the new equipment is carried out in the framework of the investment project on the reconstruction of butyl rubber to increase its capacity by 10% to 53 thousand tons per year.

The new line is designed for the isolation, drying, molding and packaging of synthetic rubbers. It involves squeezing and drying machines, presses, conveyor belt, metal detector and other equipment. The line is made by "Welding" (Switzerland) at the special request of the company. It has a high degree of automation and mechanization of production processes efficiency. The equipment will be installed in the existing workshop production of butyl rubber in addition to the two lines of the same capacity.

Technology of production of butyl rubber on the new line will continue. The product will continue to be produced by a unique mortar method that allows you to receive a consistently high quality product.

The investment project on the reconstruction of butyl rubber is aimed at leveling the load on the different production areas and improving the reliability of the equipment. The project includes the rehabilitation and upgrading of equipment at all stages of the production of butyl rubber. In particular, in 2011, was remodeled two polimerizatora also plan to install two new compressor units, the third step of degassing and other equipment.

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