Tokelau island was entirely on solar energy

Tokelau island was entirely on solar energy Facts

Said Pacific island, consisting of three atolls, Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo, the world's first inhabited place where all requests for electricity are fully satisfied with the produced solar energy. Island, which is home to just over 1.5 thousand people, located between New Zealand and Hawaii.

Earlier this territory belonging to New Zealand is 100% dependent on diesel fuel, which was the main item of expenditure and the main source of pollution. But the authorities have funded a project to install solar panels on each of the atolls in the amount of $ 7 billion
Tokelau now provides himself with clean, renewable energy throughout the year. Equipment last atoll was completed early this week. Through the project, the savings on the purchase of diesel fuel money can be directed to social projects.

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