Tokmak Solar Energy increased capacity gelioelektrostantsii in the Zaporozhye region of up to 10 MW

Ltd. "Tokmak Solar Energy" launched the third turn solar power plant in the area of Zaporozhye region Tokmak capacity of 6 MW, the head of the National Commission for licensing control of the regulation of the energy sector (NERC), Yuri Antoniuc during its meeting in Kiev on Thursday.


In this case, the total installed capacity of the facility increased to 10 MW.

It was reported that the first phase of gelioelektrostantsii "Tokmak Solar Energy" (1.5 MW), was launched in October 2012, the second (2.5 MW) — in February 2013.

Total investment in the project — about $ 40 million, the payback period — about 4.5 years.

Ukraine in the last two years to develop alternative energy intensive than traditional. As of early June, 96 companies in Ukraine operated 149 power plants using renewable energy sources, including 50 photovoltaic installations. In Ukraine, erected, in particular, the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, solar power, "Perov" capacity of over 105 MW.

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