Tolerasticheskaya tragedy in the U.S.

Tomorrow, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider the claim student Abigail Fisher in the case of refusal to admit her to the University of Texas on racial grounds. 22-year-old Abigail perfectly passed all exams and, nevertheless, it is not enrolled in the university because she is white and is not African-American.

So it has officially announced the selection committee. This gave rise to the claim, in the justification which the girl insists that "the race that the student does not really matter, and that everyone has the right to get into any educational institution, no matter what race they belong to, solely on the basis of their entrance points and ability. " However, representatives of the University and its stand on the lead in support of its commitment to racial discrimination tolerance and multiculturalism. They argue that racial segregation in high school is a very useful from the point of view of compliance with the ethnic proportions of students. The University is proud of the fact that it is studying an equal number of different ethnic minority groups and from all the students are accustomed to the tolerant perception of ethnic deystvitelnosti.Ranee American justice system is fully shared the views of the university racists, for example, in the case Grutter v. Bollinger (2003)The Supreme Court said, in effect, that comply with racial segregation in universities is useful for dark-skinned students did not feel like a minority in the learning process and better aware of their role and overcame racial prejudice in a multicultural society. That’s see if tomorrow the new composition of the Supreme Court to overcome their racial prejudices, not in relation to an abstract audience of students, but to the very specific red-haired little girl with a defiantly white skin and nose-strawberry. We’ll see …

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