Tomichi collected about 150 tons of social potato

Tomichi collected about 150 tons of "social" potato

The press office of mayor.

Recall, for the sixth year in a village Petrine for retirees, the disabled, large families and people with low income allocated land for planting potatoes and other vegetables. "This year, the event was attended by more than 500 residents 157 residents of Leninsky district, 185 — October, 106 -, and 100 residents of the Kirov District Soviet. This morning, the volunteers went to the village to harvest potatoes, "- said in a statement.

City administration organized transport for the transport of people were involved in 22 bus. For export crops were also provided freight and loaders.

As we explained in the Regional Department of Social Welfare, now there is a calculation of the harvest, but according to preliminary estimates, this year managed to get about 150 tons of potatoes.

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