Tomichi developing a new technology of treatment of atherosclerotic plaques



 The company "Nanokor," which established the Institute of Cardiology and the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, received the status of a "Skolkovo".

As the press service of the regional administration, Tomich propose to develop a new technology of treatment of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels of the person using bioactive nanoparticles. They are going through a local effect on atherosclerotic plaque achieve its deconstruction and, potentially, resorption. For the procedure to create nanoparticles that help the body to do so, because only it can theoretically solve the problem.

In general, the idea came about two years ago, the deputy director for innovation and strategic development of the Institute of Cardiology, Professor Shamil Akhmedov. Experts addressed to representatives of NO TPU. During the year, work Tomich selected nanoparticles. But most importantly — they are chemically modified nanomaterial that is attached to them chain radicals, thanks to which the substance will interact plaques. Work has shown that the inventive material can penetrate the atherosclerotic plaque and change its structure. Scientists have already applied for a patent. Experts evaluated the activity of "Skolkovo". Through participation in the project will receive a grant specialists to complete the study.

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