Tomsk and Moscow for the first LTE-connect video calls on the equipment produced in Russia


According to the regional administration, December 1 in the SEZ will officially open the first Russian plant equipment Multiradio standards GSM / UTRAN / LTE. It is built according to the signed between Nokia Siemens Networks and Scientific-production company "Micran" agreement on a joint venture.

The event will be held at two venues simultaneously in Moscow and Tomsk, where production is located. At the opening will be a unique event for the country — LTE-video call between the two towns, made by LTE-equipment of the Russian manufacturer.

Invited to the opening of the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Saveliev, Governor Victor Kress and company representatives: Vice President of Nokia Siemens Networks Herbert Merz, head of Nokia Siemens Networks in North and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and Central Asia, Joe Doering, CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks in Russia Christina Tikhonov and CEO of NPF "Micran" Victor Gunter.

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