Tomsk company began production of import devices for elevators

CJSC "EleSy" (resident of the Tomsk special economic zone) beginning in Tomsk production of energy management systems for elevators.

ESD-TCL - The frequency converter is designed specifically for elevators
ESD-TCL — The frequency converter is designed specifically for elevators

"As part of the project we produce a comprehensive solution for elevator organizations — the engine and a device that provides a smooth ride elevators, saves energy, is fully consistent with the functional such decisions from foreign companies, but is cheaper. In the development invested more than $ 1.5 million"- Told RIA Novosti CEO" EleSy " Sergei Chirikov.

He noted that the engines produce of "Sibelectromotor" (Tomsk), in turn, the developers’ EleSy "have created an intelligent control device which is connected to the engine. Ready set, according to Chirikov, allows to save energy compared to existing solutions from 15 to 30%. This figure depends on the altitude of the house, lift capacity and so on.

"The project idea was born in 2009, in 2011 we began production. The basis of our interaction with the project "Sibelectromotor." They produce engines for our order, we are doing them a device. The project is now in an active start. Already sold about 200 sets. Until the end of 2011 are planning to cross the thousand boundary (for production)"- Said General Director of" EleSy. "

He clarified that produced in Tomsk buy lift kits organizations of Perm, Saratov, Moscow. The cost of one set of about 60 000.

"Theoretically, the demand for our kits are great. In the country on different data from 150 thousand to 500 thousand elevators that require reconstruction, replacement. In Tomsk, "grow" the house where the elevators are required. We hope, through a partnership in Saratov, Moscow in 2012 will come to the production of tens of thousands, "- He said.

Chirikov said that the company "EleSy" intends to make "serious competition to foreign companies, which are still only a market leader in elevator manufacturers. "

CJSC "EleSy" — a large vertically integrated company, which includes Design Institute, an engineering company, SRI electronic systems, plant automation equipment, steel plant, a logistics company, advertising and publishing company, an educational center. At present the company and employs more than 700 professionals. In 2008-2010, the company’s turnover exceeded 6 billion rubles.

RIA Novosti, Eleanor Black.

JSC "Sibelectromotor" — a powerful industrial complex full-cycle production of induction motors, cast iron and its products. The company, founded in 1941, is now in the stage of dynamic development, carries out large-scale projects for the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment with the latest equipment, which allows the firm to occupy a leading position in the electrical industry. Number of employees — 1000.

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