Tomsk company has developed an electronic backpack for students


Tomsk’s «Superb Computer Devices Co., Ltd» developed an innovative student backpack — thin terminal display on the basis of "electronic paper", in memory which can store all the textbooks, notebooks and diaries required schoolchildren, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Director of Science and Development Company Constantine Shelevoy.

"We have created an ergonomically perfect computer workstation student from the first to the final grade. This terminal is four millimeters thick on the basis of "electronic paper". It replaces a school bag: in the terminal’s memory can store all textbooks, and students can use it as a notebook, as a function of handwriting. Weight of the terminal — about 250 grams"- Said Shelevoy.

He explained that the external terminal looks like an e-book format A4. Attached is an electronic pen that turns the "tablet" of the toys in a real computer.

"The company has developed a laser electronic pen for handwriting input information into a computer, which replaces the "mouse" and keyboard. She — the only one of the famous works on any surface, including plain paper, does not require special paper, special mate or additional hardware"- Said the source.

According Shelevogo to handle mass production requires about 36 million rubles, while for the release of the initial batch of terminals in 90,000 copies to about $ 5 million.
"We are ready to begin mass production of the electronic pen, as for the terminal project is to be completed. Currently working on finding investors"- Said Shelevoy.

According to him, Tomsk citizens developed a computerized learning tool, is one of the cheapest and safe for the health of schoolchildren.

The electronic pen and the layout of the terminal will be presented at the exhibition "INO Tomsk-2020" in the forum INNOVUS, which opened in Tomsk on May 26.

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