Tomsk company Triaxes Vision, a new universal 3D-format


A resident of the cluster of information and computer technology of the Fund "Skolkovo" Triaxes Vision will present the company in early September at the exhibition IBC-2012 (Amsterdam), the new format of the universal 3D TV broadcasting.

The new format, called 3DZ Tile, was designed by Tomsk Triaxes Vision together with the Italian company Sisvel Technology. It gives the opportunity to watch one TV channel in several ways: on a TV on 3D TVs with glasses, as well as the next generation of 3D TVs, creating the effect of volume without the use of glasses, said the Skolkovo.The company Sisvel Technology previously developed a format 3D Tile, allowing you to transfer stereoscopic images in a higher quality than common in the field of 3D-format broadcasts Side-by-Side.

The company has improved the format Triaxes Vision 3D Tile, adding the additional information — the so-called depth map (Z), which contains data similar to the brightness or color, but describing a flatter image. Horizontal resolution frame 3DZ Tile 33% higher than the one stereoframes in side-by-side. This provides a better quality of the 3D effect.

"I’m really excited about the opportunities offered by new 3DZT format. Very importantly, the same television channel in 3DZT format is backward compatible with existing 2D TVs, widely spread support 3D TVs with glasses and, moreover, lays the foundation for the implementation of the next Phase Technology — 3D TV without glasses. Development of a new format brings the technology to a level where really to make it accessible to a wide range of audiences, "- said General Director Alexey Polyakov Triaxes Vision.

Ability to create a video in the new format 3DZ Tile has already been implemented in a software product Triaxes DepthGate.

Demonstration of the capabilities of the new format will be held at the exhibition IBC-2012 from 7 to 11 September in Amsterdam.


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