Tomsk company will start selling the software for 3D-video


The company "Triaxes Vision" — a resident of the Tomsk special economic zone — In April 2011, will begin selling overseas software (SW), which lets you create three-dimensional video, optimized, including, for viewing on the autostereoscopic 3D-display (which do not require special glasses), said Tuesday the company‘s CEO Alexei Polyakov.

"We are planning a two-week joint exhibition in Las Vegas now Dimenco, and to show our software, and new displays from our partners. We show a complete diagram, including video capture, processing in real-time broadcast, reception and display on the monitors. Are then ready to begin international sales of our products, "- said Polyakov.

According to him, the company’s products can be used by manufacturers of cameras for 3D-shooting and television manufacturers that support 3D-technology. In addition, the Tomsk companies can use the TV studio. In particular, "Triaxes Vision" together with a Moscow television launch in test mode broadcast in 3D-format in May 2011.

"Our software is able to analyze on the basis of a real scene to generate information about the distance of the object from the observer. The display device using this information, the observer creates a sense of depth. This technology can be used to broadcast images in real time and on a large scale — the air television station. And we plan to show it in May in Moscow on one of the television, "- said Polyakov.

Ltd. "Triaxes Vision" — a joint venture "Triaxes" and the group of companies "Elecard". "Triaxes" develops software for transmitting 3D-effect. GC "Elecard" develops software for digital video.

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