Tomsk manufacturers offer to tighten rules on labeling of Russian products

Cross-sectoral industrial association of employers of Tomsk Oblast ("MPO") offers to toughen rules on labeling of products produced in the Russian Federation in connection with large-scale influx of counterfeit goods from China, said association president Cyril Novozhylov at a press conference at the press center of the agency "Interfax-Siberia" in Tomsk .

According to him, the theme of counterfeiting directly affects Tomsk enterprises, such as "Sibelectromotor", "Manotom", "Tomsk Electromechanical Plant", but in the future could affect other businesses. A number of entrepreneurs today are purchasing products in China, opened in Tomsk-lived firms, and then sold on the Russian market and abroad technique labeled Made in Russia, told Novozhylov, noting that in addition to the economic aspect, recently escalated and safety issue.

"Over the past six months in Tomsk has sold 30 Chinese crane motors with the inscription" Made in Tomsk. "In one of the design bureau conducted tests of the motor. Was revealed that the rotor shaft and put on a" cold "welding. Connection between them can break and the load could fall, "- said K.Novozhilov.

In his opinion, one of the ways to fight against counterfeiting is tougher labeling rules of Russian products — namely, the use of the designation "Made in Russia" only on the product, in which at least 50% of value added produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Novozhylov noted that the legislative framework on the issue in Russia is not regulated.


Today in Tomsk established urban design "Made in Tomsk", designed to promote the products of the Tomsk producers in foreign markets. In the Council of Experts of the project included representatives of the largest enterprises of the city. Among the objectives of the project, among other things, to draw attention to the quality of Russian products, as well as on its protection against counterfeiting. Production of a number of industrial enterprises of Tomsk falsifitsiruetsya regularly.  

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