Tomsk scientists develop anti-cancer drug therapy

Tomsk scientists develop an effective cure for cancer therapy

Tomsk scientists who won a federal grant in the amount of 33 million rubles on research and pre-clinical trials of a new anticancer drug, have created unparalleled in the Russian drug that triggers a person’s immunity and directing the body’s own defenses to fight the disease.

With the development of cancer immune system begins to work for the preservation of tumor cells. The new drug "Polistan", created by specialists of the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU), allows you to "reprogram" the body and get it to recognize the tumor cells in the "enemy." At the same time increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy drug. This is due to the reduction of doses of cytostatics in integrated treatment of cancer, and, therefore, reduce their toxic effects on the human body.

Now the drug, which is a biologically active polysaccharide contained in the widespread plant in western Siberia, the so-called "swamp Aire", held pre-clinical trials. Since the active ingredient obtained from the rhizomes of plants destroyed in the gastro-intestinal tract of humans, the new drug is introduced into the body by injection.

It is expected that an effective anti-tumor immune special action will go to the pharmacies after clinical trials in 4-5 years.

Siberian State Medical University, which is a leader in the Russian Federation among the profile of medical schools by number of projects implemented by federal, created with the support of the state sufficient innovation infrastructure, which in the bowels of the university matures, several major projects under development in the field of medicine.

Iraida Fedorova

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