Tomsk scientists develop natural energy

Raw materials of Rhodiola rosea grown on accelerated technology in the Botanic Garden of TSU, is used for the production of energy drinks. Photo: Press Service of the TSU


Healthy energy drinks, which include lemongrass, and the root of a rare herb Rhodiola rosea, established by Tomsk scientists. New energy not only have a tonic effect on people, but unlike their synthetic counterparts to help the body adapt to the harsh climatic conditions of Siberia.


Creating a natural energy drink made possible through a unique way of growing Rhodiola Rosea, developed by specialists of the Botanical Garden of Tomsk State University (TSU). While in nature, this plant can live to be a hundred years old and blooms only in the thirtieth year of life, Rhodiola rosea grown Tomsk scientists, is covered with flowers on the second or third year, and on the fifth or sixth year, the root of the plant is a decent size and the corresponding all the requirements of pharmaceutical raw materials.

This technique, developed by researchers led by head of the Laboratory of introduction of medicinal plants Botanical Garden TSU Tatiana Sviridov allowed to create energy drinks on the basis of cultured, not natural fitoadaptogenov and start their production on an industrial scale. In a joint project of the Tomsk State University and the company "SAVA" this week in Tomsk, opened the first production line of new energy «MaxBeat».

According to the director Tatyana Botanical Garden Astafurova for scientists is the first experience of participating in such a large project. "Our previous development are gathering dust on the shelves, because we have no experience entering the production phase. We carried agro-technical, biological, pharmaceutical part — no more. So that cooperation with the company "SAVA" — this is the first experience of participating scientists botanical garden in such a big project, "- she said. by the newspaper "Alma Mater", TSU

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