Tomsk scientists have created a cheap economical nanotransistor



TOMSK, November 17 — Researchers at Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) have developed the world’s first nanotransistor used in microwave electronics, which are used in the production of not precious metals, and the connection of copper-germanium, which significantly reduces the cost of the device, said Thursday RIA Novosti graduate high school EugenePLL ofeev

"Currently, the transistors are available with metallization based on precious metals, and we suggest the use of copper compounds with germanium, which is obtained in an original way. That novelty. We have made an application for an invention, received a positive decision has been examination which confirmed that our global peers Nanotransistors no ", — SaidPLL ofeev.

He said that the project is implemented in the scientific and educational center TUSUR "Nanotechnology". The scientist explained that at present, the production of gallium-arsenide monolithic integrated circuits and transistors, based on which they are created, used platinum, palladium and gold. Disclaimer of precious metals will not only reduce the cost of production of transistors, but also improve their technical characteristics.

According to the press service of the university, Nanotransistors tests were successful, so in 2012, the developers plan to create on its basis technology of manufacturing a monolithic integrated circuit, and apply for a U.S. patent. In this case, the development of post-graduate TUSUR is one of the areas of joint work of the university and the company "Micran" in the project for a high-tech production by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation № 218.

"After obtaining a patent are planning to cooperate and implement the technology in the production of ready-now" Mikran ", which will be created in Tomsk special economic zone of the production of base stations 4G with Nokia Siemens. We are planning a "Micran" commercialize development ", — ExplainedPLL ofeev.

Nokia Siemens Networks and JSC "Scientific and Production Company" Micran "(resident of Tomsk SEZ) in September signed an agreement to establish a joint venture for the production of the first in Tomsk in the Russian base stations of mobile networks fourth-generation (4G) technology Long Term Evolution (LTE ).

Scientific and Production Company "Micran" was created in 1991. Its principal activities are the production of telecommunication equipment, instrumentation and microwave accessories microwave path, radar equipment, security systems, GaAs monolithic integrated functional elements in the centimeter and millimeter range.

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