Tomsk scientists have created a setting for the painting of the spacecraft

Set of equipment for metallization of large reflectors. Installed in JSC "Information Satellite Systems" (Zheleznogorsk)

Physico-Technical Institute (PTI), Tomsk Polytechnic University in the coming days will sign another contract with Roscosmos for 50 million rubles

Scientists from the Physico-Technical Institute (PTI), Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) developed a plant for special coating on the spacecraft. The installation was designed by order of the Federal Space Agency.

According to the press service of the university, with the help of such plants produce lining enterprise Roscosmos for satellites that protects from overheating when exposed to solar radiation, as well as coverage to protect against adverse effects appliances inside the satellites. "This development represents a very small-sized research facility. The company has put us to the condition that it is almost a desktop, but at the same time multi-functional. With this setting, different methods can be applied to all kinds of satellites covering ", — Has told the head of the laboratory PTI number 23 Oleg Asainov.

According to him, the designers of the Tomsk Polytechnic started installation of the installation is planned to start in May on its enterprise. Zavlaboratoriey also noted that this is the fifth production unit, developed by scientists at TPU for the Federal Space Agency.

"We have already set up four industrial installations that are operated by the company Space Agency. In addition, we have contracts for research and development, that is, we develop not only the equipment but also the technology, conduct a series of experiments to study the properties of these coatings and improve their effectiveness. We are cooperating with the Russian Space Agency for over 10 years ", — Said Oleg Asainov.

"We have proven our customers that our coverage is so versatile and have such good properties that the developers themselves have become more spacecraft safely apply them in the development of new satellites. Therefore, the need for materials with different coatings — radiootrazhayuschimi, radioparent, thermostatic, and other type of reflective coating — increases all the time. Accordingly, the need for equipment that produces these materials, is also growing, ", — Said the head of the laboratory.

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