Tomsk scientists have developed a peat-based building materials

Specialists Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction (TGASU) Materials developed on the basis of peat, which can replace the more expensive thermal insulation products, told RIA Novosti director of the Institute of Building Materials university Natalia Kapanitsa.

Peat has been used historically in Tomsk for construction — in particular for insulating floors in the library of Tomsk State University, Nizhny deli and other buildings at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Thanks to the disinfecting properties of peat perfectly preserved wooden beams.

"Peat has parameters that are for building purposes is very important. But it is on, not water resistant, not as strong as we would like. Using a complex of modern additives, equipment, modes can achieve new qualities. This is our know-how. Developed similar in Tver materials, but we can control the properties over a wider range, "- explained the spokeswoman. 

She stressed that the lowland, horse or transitional peat mixed with vegetable raw materials and additives developed at the university.

According to her, peat — an eco-friendly renewable resource. Construction materials of times it requires less energy than other similar products, in addition to materials of peat 10-15% better retain heat.

Kapanitsa explained that in May 2013 the project received high praise at the XV Tomsk Innovation Forum — Development awarded the diploma of the exhibition. Currently, scientists are looking for investors for the project.

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