Tomsk scientists have developed an ultra-light and durable brick

Ultra-light and warm brick was developed by scientists at Tomsk Architectural University. New building material is much stronger than traditional brick and four times greater than its thermal conductivity. The development is already interested abroad. This brick is made of ash. Waste production in the Architecture and Construction University, used for the manufacture of a new building material. To process the plasma is used.

The development is already interested industrialists from France. A number of foreign visits to TGASU is expected crowns decisive trip West European partners. After signing a contract in 2013 in Tomsk, or in the Kemerovo region must appear factory building material developed at the University. The finished product the French plan to take away abroad.

A significant benefit of innovative Tomsk brick to bring in the field of civil construction. Designed in TGASU brick can be done even multi-colored. This will not only improve the appearance of buildings, but also will prevent construction materials from fading characteristic of him.

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