Tomsk State University in 2012, earned 1,163

billion rubles for the R & D


Tomsk State University (TSU) in 2012 earned 1.163 billion rubles on research and development (R & D), which is 13% higher than a year earlier, according to RIA Novosti Vice-Rector of the university Gregory Dunaevskii.

Despite the fact that we have a classic university, and are a significant part of the university humanities faculties, in which, as a rule, is not a very big opportunity to make money, we rolled over for the second year in a one billion rubles of income. In 2011, the university earned on the science 1.023 billion rubles, and in 2012 the total volume of scientific events passed for 1.163 billion rubles in 2009 earned a high school science half, "- said Gregory Dunaevskii.

He noted that the university received a tenth of execution goszadaniya, other means — "is additionally earned money won in various competitions, grants, programs." In particular, TSU won 116 contests for the federal program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel ‘ amounting to about 148 million rubles, implemented 18 projects totaling 191 million rubles on research and development program in the priority areas. In addition, the college has earned 180 million rubles in the three projects implemented by government decree number 218 (on state development cooperation institutions and organizations implementing complex projects on high-tech production).

According to University of commercial contracts active in the past year, with businesses and real, and the defense sector, 125 million we earned on these orders, "- said the rector.

Also, he said, the university completed 36 projects worth more than 120 million rubles for the large state corporations and state-owned companies.

In addition, 100 million rubles of investments attracted Minpromtorga University to create a basic Design Center, has already begun to address the problems of modeling and design of electronic systems of spacecraft.

Gregory Dunaevskii recalled that in 2012, in Biysk (Altai Territory) was first launched in the Russian industrial production crystalline glyoxal based on technology developed by scientists at TSU. At the high school in 2012, was created five small innovative companies, all them now — 31.

"I think this year we are also at least five small businesses create. And getting ready to participate in all the competitions announced new "- summed up Dunaevskii.

TSU was established by the decree of Alexander II in 1878 as the Imperial Tomsk University was the first university in the Urals. In 1998, the TSU is included in the decree of the president of the most valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia. In April 2010, the TSU has received the status of a national research university.

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