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Tomsk State University resumes free popular science lectures to the public. We invite you to classes in the "Open University" program humanities, natural and applied cycle: "The world of literature," "Beauty and the secrets of the Russian word", "Russian History and the Present," "From the point of view of physics and mathematics," "The art of being a nerd "" Practical Psychology and Pedagogy "," PC user ".

 About the project "Open University"

  • About the project "Open University"

April 18, 2013 at 18. 30 to 222 aud. 4 TSU held a presentation of the project "Open University". TSU opens the door to the city of Tomsk, area and region. The essence of the project — free lectures and other educational events and activities for Tomic. Continuing education for life — it is an urgent need for the 21st century man living in today’s fast-paced world, and the project "Open University" responds to this need. TSU offers innovative Tomsk citizens and fundamental knowledge, lectures by leading professors and scientists of and consultation on the latest innovations in various fields of knowledge, free of charge. This project — one more step in the implementation of the Tomsk city as a true university town. City comes to the classroom, have access to lectures by leading scholars and professors, as well as the actual application of knowledge and skills of different nature.
The idea of "Open University" — a social project "World Literature", launched at the Faculty of Philology of Tbilisi State University in February 2013 — free courses on literature for Tomic. These courses are very popular now, the project is being actively discussed in the media and social networks. Thus, to date, in the courses in literature has formed a general request to the TSU on the same courses for other sciences and fields of knowledge. Thus was born the project "Open University", he actually grew out of the needs and requirements of Tomich.
In the project "Open University" TSU offers a wide range of courses both fundamental and applied research, from literature, philosophy, modern policy advice to amateur gardeners.
But, in general, the content of their free education in this project will form — and has already formed — Tomich themselves. The most important principle of the project — the constant monitoring of the educational needs of students. In the "Open University" they — the main organizers of their continuing education, taking place today through the rest of our lives.

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