Tomsk universities have established 17 small innovative enterprises in 2012


Tomsk universities created in 2012, 17 small innovative companies, three are to appear before the end of December, while in 2011 in Tomsk universities were set up 26 enterprises in 2010 — 42 the company said on Monday the deputy governor for research and education center and innovation policy Alexey Knyazev.

"This year, our research has created a set of 42 other companies, 17 of which are created by universities. Maybe at the end of the year there will be 20 — universities say that not all organized. Tomsk SEZ (special economic zone) added four new residents" — Knyazev said.

He said that in the previous year when there were 26 universities of Tomsk enterprises in 2010 — 42 companies. Leaders in the number of new companies have Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk State University — when they created in 2012 by five companies.

Vice-governor explained that the reason for the negative dynamics "is not in our businesses, and the law." In the near future it "indulgence" to get out of the "strict limits", which limited the proportion of high school in the company’s use of its resources and the "interest of the university to create these innovative small businesses."

"When all of these barriers will be removed — we will become easier. Now sometimes have to persuade people. And while we do not make them (innovative enterprises) 200-300 a year, what kind of development can we say? If next year we go to the bar 50 — it’s good, "- he said.

Knyazev added that at the present time in Tomsk over 500 innovative companies in 2012, about 40 of them first came to foreign markets, particularly in Venezuela, Germany and India.

According to him, from the regional budget in 2012 on subsidies for beginners to innovative companies has been allocated 12.5 million rubles — 500 rubles to the company, 20 million rubles allocated for the creation of high-tech industries, about 37 — to support the developing of innovative companies that work at least one year.

Deputy Governor said that the total investment in the innovation sector of the Tomsk region and how many innovations have earned the company for 2012, will be known later.

Tomsk is traditionally considered one of the leading educational centers of Russia. Every fifth resident of the city — the student. In Tomsk are six public universities: Tomsk State University (TSU), Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUCSR), Siberian State Medical University (SSMU), Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (TGASU) and Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk State Pedagogical University).

Tomsk special economic zone built on two plots with a total area of 207 hectares. In the special economic zone of technical type "Tomsk" currently 61 registered resident, they released a ten-year property tax and vehicle tax for five years — from land tax. Residents also enjoy privileges on income tax and unified social tax.


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