Tomsk university opened the first laboratory of laser technology

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) opened on Monday first laboratory of laser technology and technology (LLTT) worth 20 million rubles.


"The first stage can be called the core laboratory. It will be another two parts: the first relates to the effect of the laser on the physico-chemical properties of substances, and the second, which is now almost ready, associated with laser scanning. First of all lab costs 20 million, laser equipment for laboratories scan (second place) — 6000000 … I think that 50 million (all three phases), we should totally meet " — said the rector of the university Peter Chubik at the opening of the laboratory.

Finance the establishment of a laboratory TPU and the Scientific Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices (NIIPP) for which the university is now conducting research in the framework of the strategic partnership.

The use of universal laser devices of the new laboratory will develop processes for companies to purchase equipment, to carry out laser welding and engraving. In addition, using the latest 3D-scanners polytechnics will be able to create accurate three-dimensional models with a minimum error, including such complex and large projects as Tomsk municipal bridge length of 750 meters, the monuments of wooden architecture, decorated with "lace" carving.


In turn, the chief specialist of the project Alexander Iskrin said that "under custody" are contracts for the preparation of 3D-models for the Administration of Tomsk and the two oil companies.

"We will carry out supervision of construction of a refinery in Kazakhstan together with" Omskneftekhimproekt ", create a three-dimensional model gazoseparatornoy station Fedyushkinskogo fields in the Tomsk region (mine structures NK" RussNeft ")", — Iskrin said.

He explained that the advantage of 3D-layout is the ability to record all details of the design in a compact format, while in the conventional non-compact format drawings.

Iskrin noted that the technology of 3D-scanning and prototyping is also widely used in mining, mine development, road construction.

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