Top 10 key events of the year in the green energy sector of Ukraine

Ukraine committed to European Energy Community to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of the country to 12% by 2020, According to forecasts of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in 2012, electricity production from renewable energy sources in Ukraine will reach 1 billion kWh, an increase compared to last year tripled.


The company Activ Solar (Austria) has completed the construction of the Crimea the last, fifth, 20-megawatt solar park queue "Perov" total installed capacity of 100 MW. "Perov" has become one of the largest fotoeletricheskih stations in the world.


Ukrainian company "Tech Center" Obschemash " for the first time in Eastern Europe in the early production of mobile industrial complexes production of fuel pellets from organic waste.


Minenergouglya published the draft of the updated Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030 Alternative Energy — a sector of the domestic economy, which has created more than 15 thousand jobs and drew in the last two years, more $ 20 billion investment.


In Kiev, a report on the prospects of the Ukrainian "green" energy at the invitation of the Association of participants of the market of alternative fuels and energy made by the creator of the "green" tariff Hans-Josef Fell.


III quarter, according to the report Ernst & Young, Ukraine has moved from 30th to 29th place in the ranking most attractive countries for investment in renewable energy. And was able to maintain this position in the latest ranking.


DTEK introduced into operation the first wind turbine Ukraine’s largest wind farm — Botievo.

Opened in Kiev the first station to charge electric vehicles.

October 16-19, was held in Kiev Week of renewable energy in Ukraine.


Parliament adopted amendments to the Law "On Electric Power Industry". Introduced the "green" tariff for electricity produced from biogas and household solar panels and diversified for small hydro power plants.


Ukraine first visit to the world-recognized expert in the industry — the president of the European Union’s renewable energy (EREF) Rainer Hinrichs-Ralves.


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