Top Clothing Nord Wind

 Outerwear Nord Wind of Russian make.

  • Online store of clothing Nord Wind
  • Online store of clothing Nord Wind

The company produces Nord Wind winter, summer, demi-season jacket, coat or raincoat brand Nord Wind. Trademark Nord Wind exists in Russia since 1992, with the founding of the company Nord Wind in St. Petersburg.

Every year our specialists carefully studying and implementing new items of European Designers of clothing, fabric manufacturers, insulation, components and accessories. Learn more about the technologies used and the materials can be found  pageTechnologyour website

Thanks to these innovations you do not have to choose between comfort and warmth of beauty and style. The stylish, fashionable and light-weight clothing Nord Wind You will feel warm and cozy, even in rainy and windy weather.

We produce garments Nord Wind in St. — Petersburg.

  • Clothing Nord Wind
  • Clothing Nord Wind

About Weather vagaries we know firsthand. However, in other regions of our country are not the most
favorable weather conditions. So with the help of our internet — shop we sell high-quality, stylish and comfortable outdoor clothing Nord Wind throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

Every year we make changes to the design of clothing Nord Wind, are introducing our products are the new market,
which is best suited for the harsh Russian climate. Our success — the grateful customers who return to us for new things for themselves and their families.

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