Topol hit the target in the Kamchatka range

The warhead intercontinental ballistic missile RS-12M "Topol", launched from the Plesetsk space center on Saturday, September 3, successfully hit target conditional on the range of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

It was a test launch. Military checked all the basic performance characteristics of missiles of this class. In particular, they tested a new warhead capable of overcoming missile defense system.

"Subsequently, the resulting start-up information will be used to improve efficiency perspective grouping Russian ballistic missiles," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.

Launched missile was made in 1988. and all this time was on duty in Novosibirsk, RSN.

ICBM RS-12M "Topol" — a three-stage, solid-fuel missile, developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology. It entered service in 1988. Maximum range — 10 thousand km. Starting weight — 45 tons, the weight of the head portion — 1 t

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